The History of! started a long time ago. Back in the year 1999.


Here is the story for those who wish to hear:


Once upon a time in the year of 1999 a man lived alone and a friend took him online. He became instantly obsessed with the vast amount of information that he had just been introduced to. This man saved his money and went to a swap meet and bought his first computer in November 1999. By January of 2000 the man had progressed into building a website. Sure, it was geocities, but he was learning. Right? What was the geocities site name? I cannot remember. Or maybe I'll just tell you later...


First he learned HTML. But that was not enough. He became obsessed again with animated gif images and saved them by the thousands. Most of which he still has today. But those animated stars, and kisses, and hearts spoke to him on a deeper level. He had a great love for writing poetry. He took the images and his poetry, added music and his first online greeting card was born. By July 2000 he purchased was born. He typed HTML. He learned PHP. He learned Macromedia Flash. And he wrote poetry, he added music, and he made online greeting cards. It was said there were over 300 online greeting cards. But nobody knows for sure. A lot of love was put into those cards.


But he kept studying the whole time. He learned HTML, and PHP, and MySQL, and JavaScript, and Java Applets, and much more. By 2002 he had 8 websites and actually got checks in the mail. Then tragic struck. Stroke of bad luck for quite a few years. He was barely surviving, and he let many years of live pass him by.. Until he found a woman. And he became obsessed with her. So much so that he neglected his websites even more. Almost to the point of losing them. But now he sees where he went wrong. He has the woman and the websites and lives happily ever after...

Pages Just Added !

Can you see it ?

Wedding Pooch!This one I didn't understand at first. I just couldn't see it. All I saw was a man and a woman on a bridal shop sign.(But the image was larger than I displayed here too. With it being smaller on my page may help you to see it easier.)


Note: If you "right-click" and save this image to your computer it will be double the size that you see it on this page. I reduced the displayed size to fit my page.


I finally saw the other image when I stepped away from the computer for a minute. On my way back is when it came into view. If you don't see it, you are looking too close.


To see the hidden picture, back away from the computer about 5 feet and it will be a lot easier to see. It might make a great pet shop sign too! (Maybe pet weddings? Hmmmm...!) I like cool stuff like this. Especially things like this where it is a real sign on a real building.

Mother Earth!