This is a page of a special poem,
from someone that is very close to my heart!

I know of a man that has such a wonderful heart,
To see his true love just look at one of his cards,
So many cards wrapped with emotions and love.
Always a thoughtful word that he truly can speak of,
Carried straight from the heart like a gift from above.
Rhythms of each poem are spoken from his soul,
You can view each page and feel the love that it holds.
Inside his cards is his heart that he openly lets you in,
Never a mean or hateful card does he ever create to give,
Giving of love and happiness is what he is proud to send.
Showing his true emotions is what he truly loves to show,
He loves to give on to others so that they will forever know.
Andy is what all his friends call him and asks you to do the same,
Making everyone happy is his true heart of joy and great fame.
Everyone mostly knows him by a web site called Its A Crying Shame.

This poem is written and copyright © by my friend Tess!


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