A young boy was getting angry all the time, and it was causing alot of pain in his life.
One day his father witnessed this anger that his son was expressing.
He pulled his son aside, and took him out to the back yard.
He handed the boy a hammer, and a box of nails.
He told his son that every time he gets angry, he is to come out to the back yard, and drive a nail into the backyard fence..
And that for every day that he went without getting angry, he could come out here, and remove a nail..
Well, at first, the young boy was pounding alot of nails, sometimes many in the course of one day..
But gradually, he learned to control his temper and was able to pull a nail out of the fence one evening before he went to bed.
Well, that inspired him to work a little harder at it..
The boy tried very hard to control his temper, and soon he found that he was pulling more nails than he was pounding..
After a few months, when he was pulling the last nail from the fence, his father came to him and said.
"Son I am very proud of you.. You have learned to control your anger very well...
But the point to all this is look at my fence...
Sure, you pulled out all of the nails, but my fence is now full of holes..
So you see, that every time you get angry, and lose your temper...
Even if you take it back later on..
It still leaves a scar..
A scar that cannot be removed...
Sure, over time the scar may become less noticeable, but it's still there..."


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