How to make a fog machine?

I haven't had time to write this one either. I just started rebuilding my website, but here's a partial parts list so you can start saving.

You will need:
1 - Old electric clothes iron (That still gets hot. You want to use it as a hot plate.)
2 - computer fans.
1 - power supply to run the fans.
1 - box. (At least as big as a shoebox, but maybe plastic or wood, to build it in.)
Glycerine (To make fog juice.)
Distilled Water (Also for fog juice.)

Here's the hard part:
1pc. of aluminum to make a dish to sit on the iron to heat the fog juice. (Aluminum foil could be used but would not be ideal.)

I will add more soon. I will take pictures as I build it. I have finally saved all the parts I need, except the glycerine. But I can buy that almost anywhere. I'll keep you posted. Check back later. Last Updated: 11/07/2009

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