Theory of Relativity!       Welcome to class! My name is Andy, but I am not your teacher here. I guess what this will start out as sort of a "dictionary of code examples".. I used to work on my websites to the point it might have classified as an obsession. But then I went through a lot of turmoil in life and got away from it. Now I am back! But not all my waking hours as before. This time I will pace myself for the long haul.

      But all that aside... If you want to learn how to do web design and run a website, then you have come to the right place. I am starting to rebuild 6 domains from scratch. So, as I "re-learn" a lot of programming, I plan to put it here for all as an easy reference. (And so the next time I need to "re-learn" it, I will know where to find it really fast. LOL)

      Building a website from start to finish is not an easy task. Rebuilding 6 of them is a daunting task. If you have any suggestions of things to add, feel free to contact me on my contact page in the top navigation bar. Or you can simply Click Here It will open in a new window so that you may continue to browse here!