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I have a lot more that I have collected. I do not know where I found them. If they are yours, I'd be happy to put your credits next to the image. Now on to the fun... Are you ready?

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Can you see it ?

Couple or Pooch?This one I didn't understand at first. I just couldn't see it. All I saw was a man and a woman on a bridal shop sign.(But the image was larger than I displayed here too. With it being smaller on my page may help you to see it easier.)


Note: If you "right-click" and save this image to your computer it will be double the size that you see it on this page. I reduced the displayed size to fit my page.


I finally saw the other image when I stepped away from the computer for a minute. On my way back is when it came into view. If you don't see it, you are looking too close.


To see the hidden picture, back away from the computer about 5 feet and it will be a lot easier to see. It might make a great pet shop sign too! I like cool stuff like this. Especially things like this where it is a real sign on a real building.

Mother Earth!


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